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It is not just about the numbers, it is about your personal goals and success. 


Bolon, Hart, Shives & Crisp, Inc. is a firm of Certified Public Accountants serving a variety of clients located primarily in central Ohio.  Founded in the 1920s, Bolon, Hart, Shives & Crisp, Inc. has a rich history of providing each of our clients with the finest, most professional accounting, tax and management advisory services possible.

Our Firm History

Bolon, Hart, Shives & Crisp, Inc. is a dynamic and experienced organization with a rich history of providing professional accounting services to central Ohio for nearly one hundred years. 


Dallas S. Bolon entered into the practice of public accountancy in the early 1920's.  By the end of that decade, the partnership of Parker, Bolon & Company was formed.  This partnership continued until the early 1950's when Eleanor Craig became a partner--one of the first women in Ohio to be named a partner in a CPA firm.  In 1955, upon the death of Mr. Parker, the firm changed its name to Parker, Bolon & Craig.  Shortly thereafter, Wesley M. Hart and Charles E. Turley were made partners in the firm.  During these years, Mr. Bolon was a regular lecturer in accounting at Ohio State University and authored three accounting textbooks.  At the end of 1964, Eleanor Craig merged her part of the firm into a national firm, and the other partners in the firm--Dallas Bolon, Wesley Hart and Charles Turley--formed the firm of Bolon, Hart & Turley.  In 1970, Richard A. Buehler was admitted as a partner and the partnership continued until 1979, when Douglas C. Knisely was admitted as a partner and Charles Turley withdrew from the partnership to accept a position with one of our clients.


On January 1, 1980, Bolon, Hart & Turley became a professional corporation named Bolon, Hart & Buehler, Inc., with the principals being Dallas Bolon, Wesley Hart, Richard Buehler, Douglas Knisely, and R. Edwin Jennings.  In January 1987, Mr. Bolon passed away, after a career of over sixty years in public accounting.


On July 1, 1987, Bolon, Hart & Buehler, Inc. admitted Edward B. Hart, Dixon A. Buehler, and Scott R. Shives as principals.  In August of that same year, Wesley Hart retired.  On January 1, 1991 Richard Buehler retired.  On December 31, 1991, Douglas C. Knisely resigned to start his own business and in the spring of 1993 Dixon A. Buehler left to enter private industry.  On January 1, 1998, Bolon, Hart & Buehler, Inc. admitted William A. Crisp as a principal.  In June of 2012, after 35 years with the firm, R. Edwin Jennings retired.  In March 2018, after 42 years with the firm, Edward B. Hart retired.


Bolon, Hart, Shives & Crisp, Inc.'s philosophy is the same today as it was nearly one hundred years ago:  to provide superior accounting, tax and management consulting services to our clients in a timely and personal manner and to help contribute to their financial success.

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